Discover The Average Cost Of An Apartment In Durham

In Durham North Carolina the residents feel it’s a good place to live. The cost of living is somewhat below what the average cost of living is throughout the country, the crime rate is reasonable for the size area and there are a lot of amenities. The Tri-City region which includes Raleigh and Chapel Hill along with Durham is well known for its roots in research and technology. There is a high quality of life and strong job growth throughout the area. Here we will take a look at the cost of an apartment in Durham.

What Is The Average Cost Of Different Sized Apartments In Durham?

Because of the quality of living throughout the area, Durham is attracting more people each year. This is leading to a greater demand for places to live. Because of this fact, the cost of apartments has gone up a bit but fortunately, it’s well within the normal range. Overall, the average cost of an apartment in the city is $1,080 a month.

The actual price that you will pay will depend on a number of factors. The area or part of the city where you live, the size of the apartment, and the amenities offered. Other factors that can play a part is how convenient it is to other locations and if it offers any security features.

A studio apartment can be rented often for less than $1,000 a month and occasionally you can find one for as little as about $750 a month. An average one-bedroom apartment will be over $900 but you can find some that are as little as about $800 a month. Two bedroom apartments will typically rent for a bit over $1,100 a month and three bedrooms can be over $1,300 a month.

Other Costs To Consider When Renting An Apartment

The majority of apartments that are available for rent in the area will include things like water and trash pickup. Even so, this is not an absolute and there may be some cases where you would need to pay for that in addition to the rent. For this reason, it’s best to make sure if that is covered.

Another factor to consider is whether or not it’s an all-electric apartment or electric and gas. When moving into an apartment, if it’s electric and gas then those are two utilities that will have to be turned on and in some cases, they may each require a deposit. This means that knowing whether or not it’s all electric or if you’ll need those two utilities can help you understand what the overall cost of moving in and living there will be.

An average utility bill in the area for two people is about $130 a month. Average utilities for one person is around $75 a month. Internet will typically cost you about $45 a month and of course, that will be the same whether it’s one or two people living in the apartment. When deciding on which apartment to move into it’s always best to have a good understanding of what the total cost of an apartment in Durham will be including rent, utilities, and other costs.