If You Hate Pop Music, Maybe You Should Give It Another Chance!

If you’re the type to turn your nose up against anything that’s mainstream, you might just be missing out. Now, personal taste is personal taste and there isn’t anything wrong with that. If you legitimately haven’t found any pop music that vibes with you then that is perfectly fine, but you might want to be a little open minded and give it a second chance. After all, the popularity of a lot of pop songs isn’t attained from thin air. If millions of people enjoy something, perhaps there really is something to it!

It should also be noted that not all pop music is alike. Much like any genre, there are actually a lot of different sounds incorporated throughout various pop albums. Sounds as diverse as those from the Beatles to Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift have all been thrown under the pop banner over the years. There isn’t just one particular sound at play here. If there’s one act that you just don’t gel with, you may find another that actually does it for you. There’s so much music out there; why hold yourself back on having as broad a playlist as possible?

A good melody or a catchy beat will resonate no matter what style it might be played in. There’s no shame in liking something just because it’s popular. If you worry too much about how many cool points you’ll earn for not having the most exclusive or obscure taste around, you might miss out on a lot!

Believe it or not, there are plenty of music fans that can go from enjoying the most extreme metal or aggressive hip hop to the most bubbly of pop material. That level of variety is actually a lot of fun. It’s also a relief on the ears to have something different thrown into the mix from time to time. You might equate whichever niche or genre you prefer the most to the finest cuisine in the world, but every now and then it’s nice to just grab a quick sandwich or some snacks, right? Pop music can hit the same nerve!

With so much music in the world, you may as well check out as much of it as you can. By remaining open minded, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to find far more albums, songs, and artists that resonate with you. Deciding you hate something before really giving it a chance is never the way to go, so do yourself a favor and just listen next time the latest pop flavor of the month is playing somewhere.


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